lørdag den 7. januar 2012

Olga Patriarkatshvile

Greetings from Georgia,

Greetings in the name of the lord,
I am Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili, the widow 
of late Georgian business tycoon Mr. Badri 
Patarkatsishvili, I have a business proposal
which will be of great benefit for you and myself. 
I will send you further details
once I receive your response back. 
Please for security reason, I will strongly
recommend that you write me through my
private email account only. 
I can be reach on this Email: olga.patarkatsishvil@bk.ru
for more information's on this project. 
Thanks for your understanding.
Yours truly, 
Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili.

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