tirsdag den 27. maj 2014

I dag er 3 år gammel (og hedder IKKE Milorad)

I går for 3 år siden skete dette:

11:37AM BST 26 May 2011

Serbia’s President Boris Tadic said British and American intelligence had assisted Serbian state security in the operation to find Mladic.
“Today, early in the morning, we arrested Ratko Mladic. The extradition process is under way,” Tadic said.
Croatian media, which first broke the story, said police there got word from their Serbian colleagues that DNA analysis confirmed Mladic's identity. Belgrade's B92 radio said Mladic was arrested on Thursday in a village close to the northern Serbian town of Zrenjanin.
Serbian media reported that the suspect was living under the name of Milorad Komadic.
The European Union said it has “all reasons to believe” that Mladic has been arrested. The EU has conditioned Serbia’s membership bid on the arrest of Mladic.

I dag for 3 dage siden skete noget endnu meget mere bedre, som lykkeligvis bliver ved at ske - det er stadig ikke blevet i morgen, du.

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