onsdag den 9. april 2014

"Tingene i husets sprog", som jeg glæder mig særligt til, befinder sig to tekster længere fremme

Two Characters in a Paragraph

The story is only two paragraphs long. I'm working on the end of the second paragraph, which is the end of the story. I'm intent on this work, and my back is turned. And while I'm working on the end, look what they're up to at the beginning! And they're not very far away! He seems to have drifted form where I put him and is hovering over her, only one paragraph away (in the first paragraph) . True, it is a dense paragraph, and they're in the very middle of it, and its' dark in there. In knew they were both in there, but when I left it and turned to the second paragraph, there wasn't anyting going on between them. Now look ...


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