tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

Damn, tjek den teori ud

At dinner tonight he's drinking cranberry juice, as is the rest of the table. "These crab cakes are disrespectful." DJ Khaled says, which is a good thing. Ross agrees that it's theory" - his all-encompassing term for ... just about anything.
  "See, a theory could be all kinds of things," Ross says - anything from a lighter ("Yo, hand me that theory over there") to an attractive girl ("Damn, check out that theory!"). He and his crew have a whole lexicon like this - there's also shone, as in ac-shone, i.e. action, which could be a girl, but could also be the thing itself, as in getting some. And if a theory is really praiseworthy, then it's a movie, and you definately want to be a part of that. Right?
  Ross nods. "Of couuuuuuurse."

- fra portrætartikel om den voluminøse rapper Rick Ross i Rolling Stone, "Meet the New Boss"

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  1. krabbekødsmisæren hænger i øvrigt sammen med at ross for noget tid siden jo var ved at blive kvalt i crabmeat onboard his private jet.