torsdag den 21. oktober 2010

What must wacky mode do?

“I’m doing what I’m doing now because I met Donald Barthelme and subsequently lost part of my mind — my original literary mind,” Powell has said. “Barthelme’s aesthetic, as I grasped it, got me tired of a certain pedestrian storytelling, whether for good or for ill.” But this impatience with the predictable did not also mean an impatience with emotion. “We have wacky mode,” Powell remembers Barthelme saying to his class, a writing workshop Powell was taking. “What must wacky mode do?” The students, clueless, stayed quiet. Barthelme said, “Break their hearts.”

- fra NY Times interview med Padgett Powell, forfatter til en "novel?", The Interrogative Mind, bestående af lutter spørgsmål, som jeg købte i går i en boghandel nær domo'en, for hvorfor ikke?

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