mandag den 19. september 2011

Hvor du er fantastisk, hvis du bare er god (quiz)

Jeg har lige svaret på Politiken Films enquete om Min Yndlingsscene; i min yndlingsscene begynder på et vist tidspunkt denne sang, skrevet af Johnny Mercer, at spille i en skrattet optagelse (noter ved internettet!), hvad er det mon for en scene i hvilken film instrueret af hvem?:

Hooray for Hollywood
That screwy, ballyhooey Hollywood!
Where any office boy
Or young mechanic
can be a panic
With just a good-looking pan (pan=face)
And any barmaid
Can be a star maid
If she dances with or without a fan (reference: Sally Rand*)
Hooray for Hollywood!
Where you're terrific
if you're even good!
Where anyone at all from Shirley Temple (child actress)
to Aimee Semple (Aimee Semple McPherson - evangelist)
is equally understood
Come on and try your luck
You could be Donald Duck

Hooray for Hollywood!

Hooray for Hollywood!
That phony, super Coney, Hollywood
They come from Chilicothes and Padukahs
with their bazookas (it could refer to so many things!)
To see their names up in lights
All armed with photos
From local rotos
With their hair in curlers
and legs in tights
Hooray for Hollywood!
You may be homely in your neighborhood.
Still, if you think that you can be an actor
See Mister Factor (Max Factor - makeup artist)
He'd make a monkey look good!
Within a half an hour
You'll look like Tyrone Power (hunky action star)
Hooray for Hollywood!

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  1. Vistnok åbningsscenen. The Long Goodbye. Robert Altman.

  2. Nej, det slutscenen i The Long Goodbye, men du får fuldt point!