fredag den 5. februar 2016

Who's Your Dada?!

DADA fylder 100 i år!

og fødselsdagen kunne fx være i dag!

Lørdag 5. februar 1916 åbnede kunstnerknejpen Cafè Voltaire i Spiegelgasse 1 i Zürich

Blandt stifterne og de første optrædende var digterne Hugo Ball og Tristan Tzara.

Sidstnævnte skildrer starten således (citat fundet, oversat fra fransk, i Poems for the Millenium, bind 1):


In teh most obscure of streets in the shadow of the architectural ribs, where you will find discreet detectives amid the red street lamps - birth - birth of the Cabaret Voltaire - poster by Slodky, wood, woman and co., heart muscles Cabaret Voltaire and pains. Red lamps, overture piano Ball reads Tipperary piano "under the bridges of Paris" Tzara quickly translates a few poems aloud, Mme Hennings - silence, music - declaration - that's all. On the walls: van Rees and Arp, Picasso and Eggeling, Segal and Janco, Slodky, Nadelman, colored papers, ascendancy of the New Art, abstract art and geographic futurist map-poems: Marinetti, Cangiullo, Buzzi; Cabaret Voltaire, music, singing, reciatation every night - the people - the new art greatest art for the people - van Hoddis, Benn, Tress - balalaika - Russian night, French night - personages in one edition appear, recite or commit suicide, bustle and stir, the joy of the people, cries, the cosmopolitan mixture of god and brothel, the crystal and the fattest woman in the world: "Under the Bridges of Paris"


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