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Google-nedtælling til Endsville

Google-søgning på linje fra Dan Turèlls "Space Canto CV" citeret i blogpost nedenfor -

1. hele linjen: This is Endsville, baby


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"...this is endsville, baby"

Endsville Baby Clothing


Unpleasant to be Around Onesie

 2. This is Endsville:

This is Endsville, the place where all rail service terminates

look around. where are you now.
  you are at the end of the line.

every one leaves the train.
  for this is endsville.

endsville is where it ends for all.
  this is the end of the line for every one.

no one stays longer.
  every one off.

no more time.
  for this is the end of the line

3. Endsville

Endsville may refer to:

Downtown Locations

  • Maqueta de Endsville
    Billy's diorama of Endsville, giving an idea of the layout of the town
    Nuclear Plant
  • Jack's House

Suburban Endsville


Pronunciation: (endz'vil), [key]
adj. (sometimes l.c.) Slang.
1. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was regarded as Endsville in the late fifties.
2. (of a location, circumstance, etc.) most isolated or undesirable.

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