onsdag den 16. januar 2013

En hemmelighed så god, at ingen tror på ham, der røber den (på sin blog), er en kunst

(undtagen hvis det handler om likviderede præsidenter og dens slags naturligvis)

Fra interview med produceren af Bowies nye plade Tony Visconti på rolingstone.com:

How hard was it to keep this a secret?
It was very easy to keep it a secret because we're very loyal to him. I've known him 45 years, and everybody knew him for more than 10 years in the band. We just love the guy. He said, "Keep it a secret, and don't tell anybody. Not even your best friend." I said, "Can I tell my girlfriend?" He says, "Yes, you can tell your girlfriend, but she can't tell anybody." So everybody had to explain why they were leaving for work in the morning, you know where they were going and who they were recording with. The real trick was just not telling even your best friend. Bowie fans are just unpredictable – if they hear news like this, the cover would have been blown years ago. Now one person did leak it, but nobody believed him . . .


Robert Fripp (spiller guitar på Scary Monsters jo LB)! He was asked to play on it, he didn't want to do it and then he wrote on his blog that he was asked. And nobody kinda believed him. It was a little flurry for a few days, but everyone said,  "How could that be true? We haven't heard it from anyone else?"

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/david-bowies-the-next-day-album-a-track-by-track-preview-20130115#ixzz2I9ElxH2j

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  1. Det er ganske komplekst, uden at jeg aner, om følgende er hele sandheden. Har netop googlet lidt og fundet denne tråd:


    Fripp's blog, som jeg ikke kender andet til end dette, tager åbenbart ofte udgangspunkt i hans drømme, og i november 2011 har han tilsyneladende drømt om Bowie (en drøm hvor Eno også er med). Nogle Bowie-fans har tolket drømmen som virkelighed, hvilket den så på sin vis også var (selvom Eno så vidt jeg ved intet har med den nye plade at gøre). Som en anden David – David Thomas – synger på et nyt Pere Ubu-nummer: "What part of the truth is a dream? What part of the dream is true?"

    En 'Richard' opsummerer i går:

    Yes, Fripp may have known about the sessions but I'm certain that he did not spill the beans.
    I've searched through Fripp's diaries and the only mentions of working with Bowie are those in his dreams. These are the only times Fripp mentions Bowie.

    I think that in fact Tony Visconti is mistaken - he'd obviously seen the almighty fuss created when Fripp's dreams were mistakenly assumed to be real, by people on this board and elsewhere, and as it perhaps coincided with Fripp's invitation I think that Visconti assumed that Fripp had let the cat out of the bag.

    Knowing how fastidious and careful Fripp is about every aspect of his life I'd put money on the fact that Fripp did not accidentally reveal the sessions. He would never betray a confidence like that.
    The only thing he revealed was his dream.

    Interestingly Fripp presciently dreamed about Bowie on the night of 6th January, just as no-one knew that the single was being readied for world domination.
    The diary entry for Monday 7 January begins -
    "Rising from NightWorld and adventures with David Bowie; Mr. Cheese the Constructionist and cocaine smuggling. Well, That was quite a night."