fredag den 8. december 2017

Apropos radiatorer

Radiatorerne her i huset, hvoraf dem i værelserne er noget mere effektive end den (ENE) i stuen - og så selvfølgelig Sonnergaards gamle, gode bog -

interview med Iggy Pop og Anthony Bourdain i GQ - Iggy taler om sin tid i Berlin:

"I would also like to talk about Berlin. You both had experiences there, how long did you live there?
IP: It feels like it was either three years or the better part of three years. From the butt end of '76 through '77, '78 and '79 is a haze to me. I knew more painters when I was there. I knew Rainer Fetting, Salomé and I knew Martin Kippenberger pretty well. Kippy was an alcoholic, agitating, troublemaker, you know? And he was like Kippy Kippenberger. He looked like Ziggy Brzezinski. He looked like George C Scott in Dr Strangelove.
AB: Oh, wow.
IP: And Kippy had to toot about everything. And he always had a bottle of Sekt in his hand, 24 hours, alcoholic. But he had a beautiful loft, he had a good 10,000 sq ft, I'd say, of Bauhaus loft space in Berlin for a couple of hundred bucks. It was painters, hash dealers, weird. The most beautiful thing about Berlin was there was still an old ballroom on the Ku'damm. And once a week an organ player would come in there and the old people would come and dance. And I would sit, you would pay two marks to get in, and just watch and listen to music. And there was a place, the Resi, an old place where you could dance. And then on the stage there was a water show. It was a workers' social club. And it had a huge dance floor ringed with booths, your good, spacious German booths, not a cheap little SoHo French restaurant rip-off.
AB: Right.
IP: No, a good spacious booth. And each booth had a pole with a number on it. And then you had a pad of paper and a pen. And what do they call those vacuums?
AB: Oh, where you send those messages through a tube?
IP: Right. So you could write, "Booth number 89, you look pretty good..."
AB: A pneumatic tube.
IP: "...Would you like to have a dance?" But without having to go through the embarrassment. It's very German, you know? Have you been to Dresden?
AB: I haven't.
IP: No, me either. I hear that seems to be having... it's full of cost-conscious, hardline young Germans now. One thing that kept Berlin afloat when I was there was the West German government gave a lot of money to the educational institutions. The students were basically these grumpy German draft dodgers. A lot of them were like, "I don't like anything. Give me some more hash." I lived the same. They would generally live in these Hinderhof flats with coal ovens. David Bowie had a nice apartment in Schöneberg. I lived with him for a while. He put in an expensive heater. And, later, after two winters, I put one in too."

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