torsdag den 1. januar 2015


Fra interview med Laura Dern i New York Times:

Have your kids seen your films?
It might be a little too early. My favorite was David [Lynch], who’s a very close friend, was asked by my son recently, “So David, when am I going to get to see the movies you’ve made with my mom? When can I see ‘Wild at Heart‘ ?” He said, “Maybe when you’re 30,” and my son said, “Oh why, is my mom crazy in it or something?” And he goes, “No, it’s actually not your mom I’m worried about, it’s the fact that you have to see your grandma in it.” That’s when it just hit me — just all the things they’re going to get to see one day of both their grandparents is so amazing and crazy.

Lauras mor, Diane Ladd, i Wild at Heart

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