onsdag den 23. april 2014

På New Yorker må skribenten godt fortabe sig

i sin sætning; fra anmeldelse af John Updike-biografi ved Louis Menand:

Updike's identification with Berks County and its un-cosmopolitan ways - even after he graduated, summa cum laude, from Harvard, with a senior thesis on "No-Horatian Elements in Herrick's Echoes of Horaca, married a Radcliffe fine-arts major who was the daughter of a prominent Unitarian minister, spent a year at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Arts, in Oxford, lived in New York City working as a Talk of the Town reporter, and moved to a Boston suburb, where he joined a crowd prosperous contemporaries who formed recorder ensembles and played volleyball on the beach - was crucial to his deeply defended and fundementally spurious conception of himself as an ordinary middle-american guy.

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