søndag den 13. april 2014

Hardcore bustur - til Chresten Forsom

Gangsterrap-udgaven af Forsoms Bukdahls Bet-vinder MANHATTAN - byskrift set fra den farligste busrute, the B46, i New Yorker, fra klumme i The New Yorker af Ian Frazier:

If you get on the route's southern terminus, by the maill, you're almost at Jamaica Bay. Mill Basin, an arm of the bay, comes up at the maill's back entrance. Hurricane detritus straggles along the chain-link fence, a sea breeze blows, clouds drift above. To ride the B46 north on Utica Avenue is to feel the city accumulate and intensify on both sides. "Bus operators are protected by New York State law. Assaulting a bus operator is a felony," a recorded voice says. The B46 passes EZ Pawn Corp., Baby Genius Day Care Center, Miracle Temple Church of God, Cameo Auto Body, Victory Tabernacle of Praise, Tree Stump Barber Shop, Beulah Church of God Seventh Day Inc, , the Lingerie Zone, Sinister Ink Tattoo & Piercing, Brooklyn for Jesus 7th Day Adventist, Rag Top Lounge, Holy Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Grace Church of the Unborn, Bobby's Dept. Store, Sneaker King, Saint Jude Religious Items. Tropical Breeze Car Wash, First United Church Jesus Christ Apostelic Inc., Yahya Hardware & Discount Store, Plain Truth Temple of Praise, Sunny Corner Restaurant, King Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, 3-star Juice Lounge, Eglise de Dieu, Asian Yummy House, Bwyars and Hedges Youth for Christ Ministry, Pawn Rite, and New Hope Healing Series (Space Available for Worship).

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