søndag den 23. marts 2014

Hader Wes Anderson katte?

En eksemplarisk snævert vinklet blogpost på The New Yorkers hjemmeside af Ian Crouch (opfølger til blogposten: "Does Wes Anderson hate dogs?") apropos den kat i The Grand Hotel Budapest, som Willem Dafoe summarisk smider ud af vinduet:

Perhaps my earlier inquiry about dogs was incomplete. Maybe Wes Anderson hates cats, too? Not so, based on what he said recently to Linda Barnard, of the Toronto Star: “Every now and then it’s nice to bring some animals into the equation, I guess. I don’t own a cat but I don’t have any negative feelings.” Simple antipathy would be merely boring. Instead, Anderson’s phrase “bringing animals into the equation” suggests that he holds his animal characters in a strange kind of esteem. They are more than mere emotional ornaments; they face the same cruel and sinister world that his humans do.

The Grand Budapest Hotel cat

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