fredag den 29. juni 2012

Tjekkisk surrealistisk manifest

Ladies and gentlemen.
There are still many people, including so-called 'experts', who can't tell the difference between art and a cane. They believe that art should educate; that real art should make us better people. That's why many filmmakers, in an effort to meet this essentially domesticating requirement, stuff their films with what we czecks call 'the smell of humanity'. This is because I believe that the purpose of art - if is ha any at all - is to make people more free, to liberate us from those selfsame domesticating habits that have been forced upon us in childhood by our civilizing upbringing and education. Education, as we know from Sigmund Freud, is the tool of the reality principle. Whereas art is born of the pleausre principle. And these two principles get on together as well as dog and cat, or fire and water, or repression and freedom. This is what the film you are going to see is about, Conspirators of Pleasure, besides being the first erotic film without any scenes of sexual intercourse, is above all a film about freedom. Absolute freedom, as, for example, the divine Marquis de Sade concieved of it. Freedom - the only subject worth picking up a pen, brush or camera for - is concieved in this film thorugh grotesque black comedy. I believe black and objective humour, together with a mystifying and imaginative cynicism, provide a better way of depicting the degeneracy of our age than the 'whiff of humanity' so popular in czech films.

Jan Svankmajer, 1996
(citeret i ekstramaterialet til dvd-udgaven af Svankmajers Conspirators of Pleasure, 1996, gårsdagens 2. totalt overbevisende total-auteur-værk)

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