onsdag den 10. september 2014

Mens du læser HH, læser jeg manifester for futuristisk legetøj


In games and toys, as in all traditionalist manifestations, there is nothing but grotesque imitation, timidity (little trains, little carriages, puppets), immobile objects, stupid caricatures of domestic objects, antigymnastic and monotonous, fit only to cretinize and degrade a child.
  With plastic complexes we will construct toys which will accustom the child:

(1) TO COMPLETELY SPONTANEUS LAUGHTER (with exaggerated and comical tricks);

(2) TO MAXIMUM ELASTICITY (without resorting to the throwing of projectiles, whip cracking, pin pricks, etc.);

(3) TO IMAGINATIVE IMPULSES (by using fantastic toys to be looked at through magnifying glasses, small boxes to be opened up at night to reveal pyrotechnic marvels, transforming devices etc.):

(4) TO THE INFINITE STRETCHING AND ANIMATION OF THE SENSIBILITY (in the unbounded realms of the most acute and exciting noisess, smells and colours);

(5) TO PHYSICAL COURAGE, TO FIGHTING AND TO WAR (with enormous dangerous and aggressive toys that will work outdoors).

The Futurist toy will be of great use to adults too, since it will keep them young, agile, jubilant, spontaneous, ready for anything, inxhaustible, instinctive and intuitive.

- fra Giacamo Balla og Fortunato Deperos manifest "Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe", 1915 (links til flere manifester her)

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