søndag den 11. august 2013

Du hvad mig?

fra hjemmesiden understandingduchamp.com:

Part painting and part assemblage, Tu m’ is more than ten feet wide. The title is a French expression in which the verb is missing (tu m’…), equivalent to “you [blank] me.” The verb must be provided by the viewer. This would be Duchamp’s last canvas. By this time, he openly detested painting. Two possible readings are tu m’ennuies — “you bore me” — or tu m’emmerdes — a coarser expression with the same meaning.

Du aner mig / Du m'aner

Du aser mig / Du m'aser 

Du ejer mig / Du m'ejer

Du opper mig / Du m'opper

Du order mig/ du m'or(d)er

Du øser mig / Du m'øs(s)er

Du håner mig / Du m'(h)åner

Du åler mig / Du m'åler

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