torsdag den 22. august 2013

Og John Ashbery har skrevet et digt om blogs - BL.A.

eller rettere om ikke at prøve at fange DET på en blog, Bl.A.
(med 1 linjes linjeafstand og i 2 STROFER)
i det nye New Yorker:


I wouldn't try to capture it
on the page, or in a blog, the *inauspicious
leaving of a day. Closer to a dream
than the hum of streets, and people
who once walked along them.

Yeah, I know. Know what I'm saying?
The grounds were ultimately too large for the compound.
A tree takes flight, and patterns are *coaxed
into recurring on adjacent walls,
out of thin air.
No such titan ever visited
during my days as*aedile. Yet *wisps
still buttonhole us in random *moats:
Was it this you were expecting,
and if not, why not*?

*lidet opløftende
*Aedile (Latin: Aedilis, from aedes, "temple building") was an office of the Roman Republic. Based in Rome, the aediles were responsible for maintenance of public buildings (aedēs) and regulation of public festivals. They also had powers to enforce public order.
*godt spørgsmål!

Jane Freilicher,  John Ashbery (c.1954), pen and ink on paper, 13.75 ins x 13.875 ins, Private Collection,

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