torsdag den 31. marts 2016

Ang. uhyggelige monstre

De kan være på spring i lang tid.

Fra Iggy Pops mindeord om sin ven David Bowie i Rolling Stone:

"More than all of the other rock musicians, David Bowie was interested in people — really interested, especially other people in the arts. He was always like, "OK, who are you and what are you thinking about? How do you do what you do?" And he appreciated oddballs — people who looked different and spoke in a certain way. He had a very strong curiosity and had very absolute aesthetic values

I learned a lot from him. I first heard the Ramones, Kraftwerk and Tom Waits from him. He also had a certain rigor. If he saw something in another artist he admired, if they didn't pick up that ball and run with it, he didn't have any problem saying, "Well, if you're not going to do it, I will. I'll do this thing you should have done." And that was very valid.

You can see what I learned from David as a performer if you look at footage from the solo tour I did last year. I'm standing my ground — David knew how to do that. Keep your arms away from your torso. Put one foot forward. Sometimes a little bit of movement is better than a lot — a little bit left, a little bit right.

David was not a person to waste a piece of music: Never waste an idea. I first heard his 1980 song "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" when we were in a house on Sunset Boulevard in 1974. It was called "Running Scared" at the time. He was playing it on the guitar and wanted to know if I could do something with it. I couldn't. He kept it and worked it up.

That was another big thing I learned: Don't throw stuff away."

David Bowie; Iggy Pop; Tribute

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