søndag den 5. juli 2015

Tillykke også til Vanessa der blev færdig med Blæsten i nat!

(se min Blæksprutten i WA Bøger i fredags - de sidste 10 tweets fra nattens kæmpe slut-klynge:)

  1. me way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day." THE END
  1. n she couldn't get, once she set her mind upon him. "I'll think of it all tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I'll think of so
  2. w defeat, even when it stared them in the face, she raised her chin. She could get Rhett back. She knew she could. There had never been a ma
  3. o lay her head, the gnarled black hand on her hair. Mammy, the last link with the old days. With the spirit of her people who would not kno
  4. y would be there. Suddenly she wanted Mammy desperately, as she had wanted her when she was a little girl, wanted the broad bosom on which t
  5. ark cedars leading to Tara, the banks of cape jessamine bushes, vivid green against the white walls, the fluttering white curtains. And Mamm
  6. nd some of her hurt and frantic regret was pushed from the top of her mind. She stood for a moment remembering small things, the avenue of d
  7. or of the red earth and the dismal dark beauty of the pines on the rolling hills. She felt vaguely comforted, strengthened by the picture, a
  8. light coming down over her like a benediction, feel the dews falling on the acres of green bushes starred with fleecy white, see the raw col
  9. her heart. She could see the white house gleaming welcome to her through the reddening autumn leaves, feel the quiet hush of the country twi

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