tirsdag den 28. juli 2015

Den vage madanmelder

- fra The Office-skuespiller/manusforfatter og billedløs billedbogsforfatter B.J. Novaks novelle/kortprosasamling One More Thing

The Vague Restaurant Critic

""More satisfying than a candy bar, but less satisfying than love," wrote the vague restaurant critic in his debut review.
  "This is not helpful at all," mumured his readers to themselves, meaning no harm as they went elsewhere to find information more like what they had been looking for.
  Before the vague restaurant critic could write a second review he was fired.
  A couple of weeks more and he might have caught on. He might have developed a following beyond the world of the traditional resaturant review readers for what he was doing, for the statement he was trying to make - about criticism, about restaurants, about our expectations in life on a larger level.
  But he was fired before any of that could happen.
  If it ever was going to happen.
  He didn't care. He knew what he did.

But he kind of did care. He wished other people knew what he did, too."

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