onsdag den 12. februar 2014

Patton om True Detective, episode 4 (og Shia)

Komikeren Patton Oswalt er er den fineste og/men sjoveste tweeter og åbenbart en stor fan af den rimelig ekstremt fantastiske HBO-serie True Detective (bare alt for få klip med 2012-Matthew nihilistisk (anden gang jeg bruger det ord i dag) filosoferende i episode 4 og alt for meget bare radikalt neglebidende suspense og action):

  1. . I need parceled out week to week. If it was streaming? I'd be Burroughs sitting at a table piled with H.
  2. . Those 360 seconds are the best action film anyone's gonna see this year.
  3. The storyboard for the last 6 minutes of tonight's was just a charcoal drawing of Martin Scorsese jizzing.
  4. . Those last 6 minutes raised the bar for TV and cinema. 2014 better step the fuck up.
  5. I'm nude on the corner of Melrose/La Brea, throwing my poo at cars. Don't know how else to express how blown away I am by .

  6. We're only halfway through the season of . WHAT THE HELL ELSE COULD THEY POSSIBLY HAVE IN STORE FOR US.

  7. Yep, that was Joseph Sikora, the sheriff from THE HEART, SHE HOLLER, in the spine-liquefying final 10 minutes of .

  8. Oh my fucking God the last 10 minutes of tonight's . Oh my fucking fucking God.

  9. Dear : A think piece about how makes white supremacist meth dealers look bad?

  10. Well of COURSE 's music was on tonight's . The whole show was probably written to her horror-honey voice.

  11. The shadows lengthen in Carcosa... have you seen The Yellow Sign?...

  12. You're just gonna hand us the acting/paper bag jokes on a platter, Shia La-Boueauoueaubuttholeouef?

  13. On tonight's : 400m Existential Despair, Synchronized Exsanguination, Men's Staring Into A Pitiless Sunset Relay

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