onsdag den 12. februar 2014

Patricia om hunde og impro

Lille Twitter-føljeton ved Patriacia Lockwood apropos (mestendels) Christopher Guests klassiske, primært improviserede Hundeshow-film Best in Show (der følger forskellige deltagere i det virkelige  Westminister Dig Show, som Patricia åbenbart har set en virkelig reportage fra), også en af mine favoritter:

  1. If I'm passionate about it, it's because to a person like me, the sight of the face as it speaks is the ultimate text, is everything.

  2. Improv on film crystallizes, and the choices actors make become the only choices they could have made -- inevitable, beautiful, iconic.

  3. The only coolness I ever cared about was Comedy!
  4. The only way I will ever be that cool is by giving teens some drug that hasn't been invented yet
  5. For me it was my sister's boyfriend -- he worked at a Blockbuster and he showed me "Waiting for Guffman" and I was like GUH
  6. Is this a Midwestern thing? I just felt like I had been set free. Before that, I don't even know if I knew what improv was!
  7. Christopher Guest's films were so insanely important to kids who loved comedy, theater, music & improv -- EVEN BACK IN THE DAY, EVEN IN OHIO

  8. You sound like a suede elbow-patch in this movie and I love it
  9. So all dogs believe in God, right? All dogs are Protestants. But NO CATS BELIEVE IN GOD. Cats are Richard Dawkins's hair clippings
  10. When Catherine O'Hara kisses him for being jealous! Together they are my god
  11. I feel like paisley would actually be a Chinese Crested, the shapes of the tufts suggest it

  12. Favorite things about "Best in Show": the concentrated tension in Parker Posey's jaw/mouth area, the gentle modulation of 's voice
  13. I love "Best in Show" but I feel like a terrier would never win the big dog show because a terrier is too much the Plaid of Dogs

  14. *me paging through the pictures from the Westminster Dog Show* some of these dogs are verging on being sexually attractive to me

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