tirsdag den 4. februar 2014

DK langt bagud i hadsk omtale

På The Racial Slur Database er der kun 1 hånord for danskere:


Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Butter Cookie Danish Reference to Kjeldsen's Butter Cookies, a fairly famous export from Denmark.

mod hele 16 for hollændere:


Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Cheese-Eater Dutch Represents their fondness of eating cheese; used mostly by Germans.
Cheesehead Dutch Used by Germans during WWII, still very offensive today
Cloggie Dutch The wooden shoes.
Dicksuckinflog Dutch 16th Century term for prostitutes accused of witchcraft.
Dyke Dutch The country owes its existence to the many dikes that were used to reclaim land from the sea, also from the story of the Dutch boy who used his finger to plug a leaking dike to save his town. Van Dyk/Dijk/Dyke is also a very distinctive Dutch last name.
Dyke-Jumper Dutch Because of all the dykes in Holland, Dutch farmers used to use long wooden poles to pole-vault from one section of farmland to another.
Hollowhead Dutch "Holland" originally comes from the words "Hollow Land" because it's so flat
Kaaskop Dutch Dutch for "Cheese head". Refers to improvised helmets made of cheesbuckets, as worn by millitant farmers during the 80-year war.
Kees Dutch Flemish for "cheese". Also a very common name in Holland (and possibly also Flanders); it is a shortened form of the name "Cornelis". It is sometimes spelled "Cees".
Lowlander Dutch The Netherlands are below sea level.
Marsh Nigger Dutch The Netherlands is a very marshy country
Orangie Dutch The national Dutch color is Orange, and they manifest this color everwhere in their country- from soccer season to vehicle paint jobs
Peter Pan/Tinkerbell Dutch The Dutch live in the Netherlands (Neverland)
Shoe Dutch Name is derived from the wooden shoes they would wear.
Windmill Winder Dutch They got lots of windmills
Woodies Dutch They're known to wear wooden shoes

- det er for dårligt! Kan vi - men jo helst De Andre! - finde på nogle flere - udover Yahyas bondefolk !?

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  1. "Danish pastry" bruges også som hån for danskere. Med reference til det engelske ord for (hvad vi kalder) Wienerbrød.

    Jan H. Hansen.