tirsdag den 11. august 2015


(side 294)

should it be an "open" kitchen, giving on to the everyday dining room, or a "closed" one, with a seperating wall? It's hard to know, because, really, it's up to the woman of the house, who will be the main user of the kitchen, so all the priest can do is speculate. Some women, he thinks, might want more privacy, less interference when they're cooking, while others would prefer not to be cut off from the other members of the family, who might be chatting chatting or enjoying some game at the table in the dining room. A sliding door would seem to be the synthesis that overcomes this problem, but, on due reflection, there's no need for an synthesis: all one has to do is make the kitchen large enough to include a dining area, should one be required, and have separate dining room as well.

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