fredag den 29. marts 2013

Ekstrapost fra Brooklyn

Vladimir Nabokovs The Original of Laura
(Købt under oplæsning ved Jonathan Lethem i Greenlight Bookstore - meget kedelig oplæsning!)

Three 5 (= 1 index card)

This is Flora of the close-set drank-blue eyes and cruel mouth recollecting in her midtwenties fragments of her past, with details lost or put back in the wrong order, TAIL betwe(e)n DELTA and SLIT, on dusty dim shelves, this is she. Everything about her is bound to remain blurry, even her name which seems to have been made expressly to have another one modelled upon it by a fantastically lucky artist. Of art, of love, of the


Three 6 (næste index card)

difference between dreaming and waking she knew nothing but would have darted at you like a flatheaded blue serpent if you questioned her.


Tidsskriftet Fence, winter 2012-13

- fra Noah Eli Gordons bidrag "10 problems":

She writes a stunningly accurate review praising the reclusive novelist's long-awaited new book. Upon its publication, a key sentence of the review contains an error of omission that, while minor, reverses her intended meaning, rendering the piece a damning take on the book. Still, there is near universal agreement to her reviews stunning accuracy. The problem is, as any good narrator knows, accuracy is never stunning.

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