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Forhåbentlig kalender- Bordeljagen 1-24!?

Lars Movin (befriend ham nu!) har i dag på FB første afsnit af en serie om "Burroughs i Tanger" - vi insisterer på 24 nøgne, appetitelige låger!


William S. Burroughs first came to Tangier in January 1954. Morocco became a very important place for him. He lived there on and off for the next ten years. He had written a couple of books before arriving to North Africa, but it was in Tangier he re-created himself as one of the most influential writers of the second half of the 20th century.
His first address in Tangier was allegedly 1 Calle de los Arcos, close to Café Central on Socco Chico – mentioned in “Naked Lunch” (1959).
The place has been described as a male brothel, run by a seedy character, Anthony Reisthorst, known as Dutch Tony.
But where exactly this male brothel was located has been a bit of a mystery – except that it was somewhere “behind Café Central”.
For anyone interested in details, Burroughs scholar Oliver Harris has done a great piece of detective work, trying to track down the precise location – see this link:…/naked-lunch-i…/1-calle-de-los-arcos/

(photo: lm)

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