onsdag den 22. maj 2013

Gangen er ikke længere et suprematistisk lyskryds

+ extra stiløvelse (fra "Queneaus 1973 substitutions")  i den amerikanske 2012-udgave, netop indkøbt af mig:

Within a rectangular parallelepiped moving along the length of a straight line of equation 84x + S = y, a homoid A having a spherical cap surrounded by two sinusoids, above a cylindrical section with a length 1 > n, presents a point of osculation with a trivial homoid B. Demonstrate that this point of osculation is a cusp.

If homoid A comes into contact with homologous homoid C, then the point of osculation is a disc of radius r < 1. Determine the height h of this point of osculation by comparing it with the vertical axis of homoid A.

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