onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Zachs sekund-personer - til Line K

He turns the page [på scenen, i en notesbog]: "This is a character I've been working on for a while called the Wrong Gesturing Guy." He clears his throat. "So I met this woman this other night. She, uh ..." - he mimes a well-endowed chest - "has breast-cancer."
(Galifianakis' characters are some of his best bits. There's the Timid Pimp: "Hi - Amber? Hi, it's Marcus ... Yeah, I can hold." The Pretentious Illiterate: "Uh, I told you. I don't know how to read." The Forgetfull Vegan: ""Man, that sure was good pepperoni pi- fuck!" The Guy From Queens Who's Obsessed With Cargo Shorts: "What are those, cargo shorts?" And a personal favorite, the Kid Who Doesn't Know, Down in His Living Room, That His Uncle, Upstairs, Has Suddenly Gone Deaf: "Uncle David? Uncle David? ... Uncle David!")

- fra portrætartikel om Zach Galifianakis i det nye nummer af Rolling Stone

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