tirsdag den 1. september 2015

Månefordobling 2

Jeg fik mig min nye helt Marhias Svalinas seneste bog, Wastoid: Sonnets, fra sidste år, med posten i dag og begyndte straks at læse hyper-fornøjet og pludselig var der en tekst - en prosa-sonet med nøjagtig samme motiv som fortællingen "Luna Seconda" i Ursula Scavenius' Fjer|, 2 måner:

There are two moons, each in love with the other, but they orbit at opposite points of the same path. One moon, as a child, had an english setter. For his father's funeral this moon wore a new black suit, but the english setter jumped all over him until the black suit was covered with long white hairs & the young moon found himself, instead of being saddened, laughing & he rolled on the carpet with the dog, who was full of whatever it is in dogs that we call love. The other moon had never believed in anything until he saw the young moon rolling on the rug with his dog in his black suit covered in white hairs. Because the two moons cannot see one another they leave notes: I saw a tree & it reminded me of you; I heard Glen Gould's 1982 recording of The Goldberg Variations & I thought of you; you are with me in he evernight. Down on the earth a father left his son in the car with the windows shut in the Home Depot parking lot.

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