onsdag den 30. september 2015

Irreversible poet no. 3 - The Danish Tweets

Jeg fik ikke hørt amerikanske Mira Gonzalez læse op fredag aften sammen med Ariana Reines og Caspar Eric (som få timer før havde fået sin debutpris i Vejle), men jeg bød velkommen med et Michael Strunge-digt på engelsk til hendes og CE's gode samtale søndag aften, hvor hun læste op fra både sin digtsamling, som CE har fordansket, og sin seneste bog, Selected Tweets (med Tao Lin) - her er hendes danske tweets (2 billeder mangler, de ville hele tiden dække for tekst - og ved ikke om det første/sidste tweet er en Klovn-henvisning, måske har plakaterne overalt i Cph haft sin underbevidste effekt?):
  1. does anyone actually 69? seems like the most insanely complicated thing... why would you... like... nvm
  2. was my 'food poisoning' yesterday psychosomatic? like, did i vomit for hours because i'm scared of not having cellphone service in europe?
  3. i came all the way to denmark just to avoid the bad man with the leaf blower who blows leaves outside my apartment everyday at 7am*
  4. people in copenhagen keep asking me if hood by air is a band
  5. i'm maybe the only mexican jew in all of denmark right now but nobody seems to view me as 'exotic'
  6. how is everyone here so thin and beautiful when it seems like all they eat is ham and cake
  7. so many animals are capable of sucking their own dick but they choose not to. why?
  8. home is where your xanax is
  9. fumbling through like 20 pill bottles desperately searching for my xanax is what i do best
  10. ok one more time: CAN SOMEONE IN COPENHAGEN BRING WEED TO MY HOTEL I AM VERY SICK AND I WANT IT thank you. love, mira
  11. 'what did she ask for? pasta?' 'yes but she sounded american' 'oh hell yeah, bust out the ham'
  12. i asked for plain pasta and they gave me this. denmark is insane
  13. like seamless but only for entire loaves of bread and no other food
  14. seems so unreasonable that if i wanna eat a plain loaf of bread as my first meal of the day at 6pm i have to leave my hotel room to get it
  15. i'm definitely the hottest person in my animal crossing town
  16. oh yeah shout out to the guy at the reading last night who was wearing a shirt that his gf hand embroidered with the title of my book
  17. every time i'm in europe i feel like a fat, disgusting american. but i guess thats what i am so...
  19. drank 3 beers last night then woke up and vomited 3 times. i guess this is growing up
  20. gameshow idea: 'Hangover or Food Poisoning?'
  21. my favorite part about being in denmark is texting my drunk friends at 3am their time and 9am my time
  22. Mira Gonzalez retweetede Tao Lin
    *NOTICE* i am in denmark and also feel what tao said
  23. i briefly did yoga with swedish people in the airport in stockholm
  24. the national dish of denmark is fried bacon so i think i'm never coming home
  25. im on my way to denmark to do some readings and stuff. please bring me weed etc. i'll be the one wearing a cloak
  26. my backpack brings all the preteen boys to the yard 

  27. just packed myself a lunch for my 13 hour flight. it's a party sized bag of salt and vinegar chips, one pudding cup and 2 weed candies

    1. the bad man with the leaf blower is the cause of all suffering in the world. who did 9/11? it was bad man with leaf blower
    2. forgive me father for i have caused bodily harm to the bad man with the leaf blower
    3. there is a bad man with a leaf blower outside my apartment blowing leaves way too early in the morning. why is he trying to hurt me

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