tirsdag den 29. september 2015

Irreversible poet no. 1

- fra russisk-amerikanske (1968-fødte - ligesom mig) Eugene Ostashevskys lille chapbook - der kommer snart en KÆMPE bog, lod han os forstå - om papegøjen og The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of PI, som han læste op fra i ARK Books søndag (det var den kommende kæmpe-bog han med (for egen strube) nådesløs piratstemme læste op fra fredag), og som måske faktisk stadig kan købes for næsten ingen penge samme sted, ANBEFALET:

Like first-order and second-order logic are complete and incomplete in different ways
The difference between the pirate and the parrot never cease to amaze.

The Parrot has just spent a half-hour reding a sentence that says: "For whereas if it is impossible that both A and not-B (and similarily if it is necessary that B), that is is necessary that if A then B doet nos so obviously follow forem the calim that A is impossible (or B is necessary,"
But the pirate used to have a part-time job as a Mohelin-the Box who, when he jumps out of the box, breaks inti "its a long way to Tipperary!"

The pirate relaxes by playing with action figures depicting Einstein, Eisenstein, Gertrude Stein, Frankenstein and Wittgenstein,
But the parrot once stole Gertrude Stein, telling the pirate she emigrated to Palestine;

He dressed Einstein and Eisenstein in the costumes of Batstein and Robinstein,
And made Frankenstein wrestle Wittgenstein in the landscape of Liechtenstein (with speech bubbles saying "Ow, my hip!!" and "Your name still isn't Frankenstein" generously provided by Roy Lichtenstein).

The Parrot likes rhyme
But the pirate thinks no rhyme is no crime, as long as there's the Sublime!

Another time the pirate lost a regatta in a cutter that took on too much ricotta,
Which the parrot, trying to deballast, ate so much of that he had greater runs than a cantata or toccata.

And as he hung over the railings losing his insides like som kind of pinata,
The pirate didn't know wheteher to curse or laugh and so was suddenly struck by stupendous stutter,

And thereafter - like the old man of Alma-Aata who fell into a gutter after eating panna cotta while sexually molesting Harry Potter,
That Harry Potter who, with his spook tackles off, looked like an Eros - without errata -

The old man of Alma-Ata who, later lying in the gutter, got a urging to utter: "I feel so ashamed cause my wife, whose motto was Nothing in excess, has just died and I already forhot her
But managed to mutter only incoherencies and inconsistencies because his entire self was so nonneurotically aflutter -

 The pirate solved his speech impediment by urbbing his palate with almost liquid sticks of par(s)ley-sprinked butter
And the parrot sat on a stopper to stop his splutter

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