tirsdag den 9. juni 2015

Humor som en ghetto-onkel

Den sjove amerikaner (The 40 Year Old Virgin, medskriver på Girls) Judd Apatow i New York Times-enqueten "By The Book"

"What genres do you especially enjoy reading? Which do you avoid?
I love self-help. I need self-help. I own them all. None are working. Short stories, because they are short. I usually look to see which are the shortest ones and read those first. I rarely get to the long short stories. I avoid romance novels because I generally get angry at handsome men. I don’t want to know how to make crafts, so no books about felting.
Oddly, I avoid the ghetto of the humor section. It is always in the back corner next to computer manuals, and all of the books seem like they were written by a corny dad in his free time."

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