mandag den 24. juni 2013

Dadaister som frikadeller (over Atlantens plankeværk)

Calvin Tomkins: You kept somewhat aloof from the Dadaists, but it seems you were more involved with the Surrealists.

Marcel Duchamp: Well, at the time of the dadas I was here in New York again; I was not in Paris except a month or two at a time. I didn't take part in their manifestations. I never had the attitude of a ham actor, which you had to have to be a Dada, because you were on the stage performing all the time, reading completely idiotic things (laughs). And I hated public appearance. I've gained momentum in that direction, because I can lecture now, I can do things like that. I don't enjoy it, but I don't care. With the surrealists it is not as stagy as it was - sort of immobile decoration, like that form of expression in the Surrealist shows

- fra eftermiddagssamtale i 1964, opsamlet i Marcel Duchamp. The Afternoon Conversations, også købt som e-bog!

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