torsdag den 6. oktober 2016

Trumps chapbooks

Out Of Context, These Trump Debate Lines Sound Like Titles For A Terrible Poetry Chapbook

in a parallel universe, these all contain horribly overwrought poetry

  1. A Friend Of Mine Who Builds Plants

  2. I Want You To Be Very Happy

  3. Your Air Conditioners Or Your Cars Or Your Cookies (Or Whatever You Make)

  4. I'm A Great Believer In All Forms Of Energy

  5. Big League, End Of Story

  6. You're Telling The Enemy Everything

  7. How Much For My Family?

  8. Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble

  9. Golf Course For The Rest Of His Life (To Play Golf)

  10. As Soon As She Releases Them... I Will Release

  11. Very Fine Institutions, Very Fine Banks

  12. Whether It's 6 Or 5 (But It Looks Like 6)

  13. A City Where I Have Investments

  14. A Very Against-Police Judge

  15. Five Hundred Murders (Is A Lot Of Murders)

  16. I Say Nothing

  17. Pictures Of Him (In A Certain Garb)

  18. As Far As The Cyber

  19. He Has Computers, He Is So Good With These Computers

  20. Oil All Over The Place

  21. Choking On The Sanctions

  22. They Do Not Focus On Terror

  23. You Named The Day... They Couldn't Believe It

  24. Oh, Temperament, Let's Go After...

  25. As Far As The Nuclear Is Concerned

  26. I Was Seeing B-52s

  27. Tremendous Stamina

  28. Experience (But It's Bad Experience)

  29. You Want To Know The Truth? I Was Going To Say Something

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