onsdag den 8. juni 2016

Funkyere end stjerner og hjerter: Snabel-a'er

Super-Prince-fan Questlove vurderer samtlige Princes Warner-plader efter sit helt pointsystem, inkl. FANpoint HER (nede i selve omtalerne får hver plade to vurderinger: én for hvordan pladen lød da den udkom og én for hvordan den lyder nu):

"next 2 religion & politics, sharing your opinions on Prince is some risk yo rep ish.
in my FB network my boy Jose wanted a Prince expert to “break it down” to him.
it was like 3 something in the morning and i was bored. so i broke it down.
i gave him the Prince snob rating of Prince albums.
first of all Prince is a cult audience. meaning his audience comes to him not the other way around.
but there are different levels

@-i saw purple rain. like the album
@@- kiss, little red corvette, controversy, delirious, when doves cry, 1999, let’s go crazy, alphabet street IQs (knows the hits)
@@@- will still attend concerts might own the black album and a bootleg
@@@@- “hey ahmir i have The Work does that count”
@@@@@-psycho level of knowledge, will risk oversleeping to see him perform til 7am the next morning.
@@@@@@- level of access (music, former associates, seen the vaults) so skrong even humble bragging will seem illegal.

so before all feathers get ruffled, this was a copy/paste job from a Facebook post done some time ago when i decided to properly guide a newbie into Paisleyville.
all opinions are my own. and are subjective. many will disagree but hey…..that’s pop life.
i decided to stick to the Warner catalog starting with for you, ending with chaos and disorder (well actually i added the truth cause i love it so much)


@@-OH LAWD (SMH)…..

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