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Trump lader som om han er en anden der taler som sig selv om sig selv

- fra båndudskrift af journalists 1991-samtale med Donald Trump i rollen som sin fiktive pressemedarbejder John Miller:

Interviewer:  What about this Ivana thing?  It says in the Newsday Trump also told friends that when he and Ivana met last week, she indicated that she would be interested in reconciliation?
John Miller:  Ivana wants to get back with Donald, but she --
Interviewer:  Really? After saying on Barbara Walters that she never would?
John Miller:  What is she going to say?  What is she going to say?  She’s going to say when he’s with somebody else and had other people lined up, is she going to say, “Yes, I want to get back.  I want to get back.”  You know, she’s a pretty savvy woman and she’s not going to say -- I mean, he’s living with Marla and he’s got three other girlfriends, and then, and she’s not going to say, I really want to get back, you know?  She wants to get back, she’s told it to a lot of her friends and she’s told it to him, but it’s so highly unlikely.  That’s off the record.  He left.  I mean, it was his choice to leave and he left.
Interviewer:  He left for Marla.
John Miller:  No, he didn’t leave, no.  See, that’s the biggest misconception of this whole thing.  The second question I asked about after the ring was the biggest misconception is he left.  He didn’t leave for Marla.  He really left for himself.  He didn’t leave for Marla.  He never left for Marla.  He was going to leave anyway.  Marla was there, but he was going to leave anyway.  Whether there was a Marla or not he was going to leave anyway.
So now he has somebody else named Carla who is beautiful and I guess you have something on her.  I don’t know if you do or not.
Interviewer:  No, they won’t talk about her.  He didn’t say anything about her.  I mean, she’s a daughter of who --
John Miller:  Well, she’s a very successful model, etc., etc.  But again, he didn’t leave Marla for her.  He just wants [indiscernible], he does things for himself. He leaves for himself, he does things for himself.  He, when he makes the decision, that will be a very lucky woman.  But he’s not going to do that until he makes the decision.  You know, when he makes the decision, he’s very capable of a total commitment when he makes the decision.  But he felt it’s too soon.  Off the record, he probably felt Marla wasn’t the right one, or whatever, but he just felt it was too soon.
Interviewer:  How did he meet Carla?
John Miller:  At the Plaza Hotel, she was doing a Carolina Herrera fashion show.
Interviewer:  Was Ivana there, do you think? Does she go to fashion shows?
John Miller:  Well she goes to them, but less so since, you know, since --
Interviewer:  When did he meet Carla there?
John Miller:  Probably a few months ago.
Interviewer:  Uh-huh.  Have they been able to see each other?
John Miller:  Well, not really.  And again, I heard with Carla -- I mean, I’ll give you -- this is getting to be -- this is a little different from what I normally discuss.  This is I think an interesting point.  Carla is a very beautiful girl from Italy whose father is one of the wealthiest men in Europe.
Interviewer:   Who is he? What’s the name of her father?
John Miller:  Her father’s name is -- her name is Carla Bruni Tedeschi.
Interviewer:  How do you spell that?
John Miller:  I don’t know.  She doesn’t use the last name because it’s too complicated, you know [indiscernible]. But anyway, but her father is one of the wealthiest men in Europe. Carla is extraordinarily beautiful and didn’t want to be a model except that every time she’d go to a show, [indiscernible] to look, Ralph Lauren and various people would say, Carla, you have to be on the show, etc., etc.  So she does all of the top shows and she’s always very busy and very successful, etc., etc.  She was having a big thing with Mick Jagger. Did you hear about this?
Interviewer:  Well, I’ve just been reading about it.
John Miller:  What happened is she was going with Eric Clapton.
Interviewer:  Mick Jagger, who was married at that point?
John Miller:  Mick Jagger, as of three months ago she was having a big thing. [indiscernible] What she - Just doesn’t want to be in the limelight. What she was having a very big thing with Mick Jagger. And then what happened, she was going with Eric Clapton, and Eric Clapton introduced her to Mick Jagger, and then Mick Jagger started calling her, and she ended up going with Mick Jagger.  And then she dropped Mick Jagger for Donald, and that’s where it is right now.  And again, he’s not making any commitments to Carla either just so you understand.

- John Miller, 1991

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