torsdag den 14. august 2014

Digt til Onkel Buddy

Kun 4 Uncle Poems på mod 15 Aunt Poems - her er det mest rørende og uhyggelige, hvem blandt jer tør nærlæse:

I Love You

My dear Uncle Buddy can't you see?
I'm not the little niece you remember me to be.
I am now sixteen and at the high
Soon it will be time for you to say good-bye.

To the little niece who isn't as young as she used to be
Remembers her childhood with the uncle that was always there.
I will always remember our fights, our feuds, even our different points of views.
There is one thing that I know will never change though.

Is the love towards my dear uncle that has come my way.
Even though that uncle is a pain in my rear
I always want him to be near.
I love you my dear Uncle Buddy.

Just remember that no matter where I am at
Your little niece will always be in your heart.
As you will be forever in her heart.

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