fredag den 22. august 2014

Bortset fra det er i dag Lydiadag

klokken 18, Koncertsalen, Louisiana!

Wrong Thank-You in Theater

At the back of the auditorium, as the theater fills for the event, I stand up from my seat to let a woman get past me to her seat in the row.
  "Thanks," she says.
  "Mmm-hmm!" I say in aknowledgement.

  But I have misunderstood. She was not thanking me, she was thanking the usher, who is standing a few feet behind me. 
 "No, I meant her," she says, without looking at me.
  She just wanted to make that clear. 

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  1. OG GjessingLøppenthinSkyggebjergInterviewetAfBertelsenDag, Parkscenen, klokken 20:30!

  2. TOTALT godt Lydia digt!