torsdag den 22. marts 2012

2 ducks

De stod ved siden af hinanden i Vangsgaards bogkasse, og jeg håber sådan, at det er tilfældet, der bragte dem sammen og ikke en kvik antikvar, men det er okay, hvis det var en kvik antikvar, i hvert fald var jeg nødt til at købe begge kulørte romaner:

The Case of the Drowning Duck af Erle Stanley Gardener


You Can Always Duck af Peter Cheney

! !

De to romanbegyndelser:


Once when Della Street, Perry Mason's private secretary, had asked him what was the most valuable attribute a lawyer could have, Mason had answered, 'Thar peculiar something which makes people want to confide in you.'
  Certainly Mason possesed this power to a marked degree. When he walked across a room, people instinctively followed him with their eys. When he seated himself in an hotel lobby or in a train, people who were seated next to him almost invariably started a casual conversation and wound up baring their innermost secrets.



The grandfather's clock half-way up the windin' staircase outside the bar-parlour strikes twelwe. Grandpop is plenty wheezy. They tell me this clock is three hundred years old. It sounds like it has got the bellyache. An' why not? If you was three hundred years old I reckon you would have the bellyache too.
  I lean my head against the back of the armchair an' relax. I am thinking about Adolf Hitler. I am thinkin' that if it was not for this guy I woulds probably be kickin' around some swell place in the U.S. takin' things nice an' easy.

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