søndag den 30. august 2020

Kochs cirkus

Nu har jeg købt, digitalt, Kenneth Kochs Collected Poems, hvilket jeg tror er en god idé og bare en nødvendighed som sådan, fordi Koch er sådan en god og sjov og klog digter, men ergo kan jeg citere fra hans oprindelige, skæve og renfærdige cirkus-digt, "The Circus", dette er første afsnit (af 12) (min frehævelse (hele cirkusføljetonen startede med Bright Eyes-citat):

We will have to go away, said the girls in the circus,
And never come back anymore. There is not enough of an audience
In this little town. Waiting against the black, blue sky
The big circus charious took them into their entrances
The Light rang out over the hill where the circus wagons dimmed away
Underneath their dresses the circus girls were sweating,
But then, an orange tight sticking to her, one spoke
With blue eyes, she was young and pretty, blonde,

With bright eyes, and she spoke with her mouth open when she sneezed,
Lightly against the backs of the other girls waiting in line
To clock the rope, or come spinning down with her teeth on the line.
And she said the circus might leaveth - and red posters
Stuck to the outside of the wagon, it was beginning to
Rain - she said might leave, but not her heart would ever leave
Not that town but just an one where they har been, risking their lives
And that each place they were shoukd be celebrated by blue rosemary
In a patch in the town. But they laughed and said sentimental
Blonde and she laughed, and they all, circus girls, clinging
To each other, as the circus wagons rushed through the night.

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