tirsdag den 12. juli 2011

London-sonet 21

but things became far, far worse.
poor jeremy hunt - he is becoming one
of those politicians for whom the word
"poor" has become part of his title - had

to face the commons and explain how
ministers had to give way on the
bskyb-deal. there was no sign of cam-
eron (labour mps knew perfectly well

that he was in canary wharf banging on
again about the 'big society', no doubt
telling us to hack our own phones) and

every time his name came up opposition
members let out a great screeching hiss:
"wherrizee? wherrizee?"

(14 spaltelinier fra dagens Guardian om debat i parlamentet om telefonaflytning og Rupert Murdoch og hans tv-monopol-planer; David Cameron, premierminister, Jeremy Hunt, kulturminister)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Er det sandt, at Robert Murdoch planlægger at overtage hvedekorn?

  2. Men hvad så med Rupert???