torsdag den 23. november 2017


Og så har jeg apropos Frejlif-anmeldelsen (selvom det er vidunderligt uklart, om den egentlig er positiv eller negativ!) i lufthavnskiosken købt bogen Scorn. The Wittiest and Wickiedest Insults in Human History - virker som højst nyttig faglig inspiration! - siddende i Gate A15 slår jeg tilfældigt op i den ikke lille sektion for "Writers, Publishers and Critics":

"Then Edith Sitwell appeared, her nose longer than an anteater's, and red som of her absurd stuff."
- Lytton Strachey

"I do not want Miss Mannin's feelings to be hurt by the fact that I have never heard of her. At the oment I am debarred from the pleasures of putting her in her place by the fact that she hast not got one"
-  Edith Sitwell on Ethel Mannin

"So you've been reviewing Edith Sitwell's last piece of virgin dung, hvae yoy? Isn't she a poisonous thing of a woman, lying, concealing, flipping, plagiarizing, misquoting, and being as clever a crooked publicist as ever."
- Dylan Thomas on Edith Sitwell

"He was a detestable man. Men pressed money on him, and women their bodies. Dylan took both with equal conetempt. His great pleasure was to humilate people."
- A.J.P. Taylor on Dylan Thomas

"Somebody's boring me. I think its me."
- Dylan Thomas, after talking for some time

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