torsdag den 27. juli 2017

Kævlens kommandocentral

Dana Ahsbrook -Bobby Briggs - i interview om Twin Peaks The Return :

"I’m amazed at how flawlessly the deceased actors have been given their due on-screen. The Major and BOB still get a significant amount of narrative action, plus those moving scenes with the Log Lady before Catherine E. Coulson passed away.
David has paid homage to and honored those people so beautifully. And we’ve lost a lot of people since the beginning. It’s a tearjerker. Catherine was really hard for me particularly and everybody else, too. She was one of David’s really dearest friends, and that all went down while we were working. That was pretty, pretty heavy. I loved the way that she got to be in it, because she loved the show and being the Log Lady. She kept that log with her. She was in charge of the log. She was a beautiful person and it was devastating for everybody. We were actually working when that all went down, so to see how David worked to ensure she was in it was heart-wrenching. The fact that those other actors were factored in, and in such a big way, was beautiful. I have no idea how he did it. David makes it classy. He doesn’t do it in any sort of tacky or exploitative or weird way. He’s a classy guy. Catherine was one of his oldest and dearest friends. It was tough on everybody."

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