lørdag den 22. juli 2017

At instruere en fluejagt

- fra interview med Amy Shiels, der spiller Candy i Twin Peaks The Return

"We’re reintroduced to Candie and get into her mind-set thanks to an extended fly-swatting sequence this week. How did David direct you in that scene specifically, since it’s well over a minute of you walking around aimlessly?

I was told I was going to have this red handkerchief and I’m going to be swatting a fly — the fly is flying all over the room and you’re going to keep on trying to hit it. It’s going to be down there; it’s going to be up here; it’s going to be over there. I knew we really had to just go for it. David would shout direction while I was walking around the room. It’s up your left! It’s down! It’s to the side! It’s to the right, Candie! It was really fun. And then you reach down and you pick up the remote control, and then it goes up in the air, and then it goes down and lands on his face, and then it goes off again. David was very specific. I didn’t feel silly doing it with Candie, because I felt so crazy all of the time anyway. I was in her world every day. I was like, “This is just a normal day in Candie’s world!”"

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