søndag den 28. juli 2013

To citater om falsk forkerthed

So why is the show so often portrayed as a set of empty, static cartoons, an embarassment to womankind? It's a classic misunderstanding, I think, stemming from an unexamined hierarchy: the assumption that anything stylized (or formulaic, or pleasurable, or funny, or feminine, or explicit about sex rather than about violence, or made collaboratively) must be inferior.

- Emilly Nussbaum om Sex in the City  i The New Yorker

Willie Nelson's Stardust was an inspiration, as were Philidelphia soul songs, bossa novas and songs  by my favorite Barzilian and Latin singers and songwriters. But I didn't play any of them in public. They felt delicious on the tongue, but I didn't get them all right. I didn't grow up on those songs, but I began to feel an appreciation for a beautiful melody and harmonies - harmonies in the choird voicings and not just in what a second singer might sing. Beauty was a revelation, and these songs were unashamed to be beautiful, which was a difficult thing to accept in the world of downtown musicians and artists. Anything that sounds or looks beautiful would seem to that crowd to be merely pretty, shallow, and therefore deeply suspect - morally suspect even, I found out. Noise, for them, is deep, beauty shallow.

- David Byrne i sin herlige (e-)bog How Music Works

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