mandag den 21. maj 2018

Forelskelse gør blændende

Jeg identificerer mig meget intenst med Rune Gades fine og kloge OG dobbelt forelskede artikel "Kiss me with the hollow of your mouth - imagine falling in love with Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan", også jeg har forelsket mig videre fra værk til kunstner - klip:

"Am I the blind man? To an art historian it is part of the profession to look and to think about looking, and with this profession the complexities and challenges of different blindnesses become all the more visible and evident. I find myself looking at Andrea’s images as part of my profession. Before we meet, I know her through her images. I not only look at them, I find myself drawn to them in a way I rarely experience. What is the attraction, the fascination, of these images? If it is a fascination I experience before them, am I not exactly at the risk of being “blinded” by them? The Latin meaning of fascinare is “to put under a spell” or “to bewitch”. Am I even allowed to speak (as a professional art historian) if I am under a spell? Or does it disqualify me that I am now “blinded” by her images"

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